Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Valentine for my Soul Mate, wherever she may be.

A Valentine for my Soul Mate, Wherever she may be...

The day is growing quiet now, the rain upon the roof.
My thoughts are fleeting now and then again they just go poof.
My wonderment astounds me, my visions soar so high,
My love grows now upon this day beyond the very sky.
I wonder what you are doing, and how you spend your day.
I wonder if you miss me, and something you might say.
I visualize you sitting there just beside the glass.
I see you looking out the window as the day goes past.
You miss me just as I miss you and crave a simple glance.
You see me now in shadow as I start to dance.
You laugh and smile as if you knew all my silly moves.
How funny it is to watch me dance, and do my funny grooves.
I laugh too, and hilarity rings out it's very tune.
What becomes a simple glance makes me feel just like a loon.
For spirit has it's nature, connected as we are.
To be just one and feel such love, the power of a Star.
The Humor is the answer as we are a funny couple.
TO hold you close and have you near would be oh so supple.
So even though you are not here, I feel your love tonight.
On this another Valentine's I spend alone without you in sight.
For I know we all have soul mates, and rested you may be.
To be gone so long so far away, I hope you find the key.
A key to finding me again, from one life to the next.
A key to offer one true love, and indubidibly the best.
Love knows no bounds and follows you from my heart along to yours.
To join as one and feel the warmth it means we stay the course.
So, know that I do miss you and love you with all my heart.
I always have and waited for you from the very start.
Is it so hard to find me and recognize my soul?
Do you not see my mind at last and am I still not your goal?
For me, I stand still waiting, the warrior and the knave.
Knowing one day you'll find me and of this I am so brave.
So, until that day should peek into my very world.
Know that I Love you always, and with my dreams unfurled.
Happy Valentines Day to my Dream Girl,wherever you may be.
From your beau on Planet Earth that one day you shall see.
For know that I was always in your heart and that you were always in mine.
And it all happened on this fine day, as you finished reading this line.....
LOGAN BISHOP aka Farley Malorrus

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