Monday, November 27, 2006

Astrology Explained. "Things to do during the Moon Wobble," By Farley Malorrus

The current Moon Wobble started 11/22/06 and will continue through to 12/20/06. Here are some things I have decided to do during the current Wobble, (Finishing projects, things to do, ideas created before wobble, basic maintenance)

Some things I wouldn't do: Break up with someone, decide on divorce or separation, Major Surgery, Major purchase of asset, large purchase of stock, get married, propose, start business, start a war; buy a new car, boat, or plane; Estate Planning, Make out a will, create a partnership; buy an RV or 5th wheel, buy a new Truck, rent an apartment, buy a house or condo; start a mutual fund, 401k, or pension plan; start a diet, start an exercise program; Major interior or exterior decoration. (I am in no way telling you to stop living, but if you do any of these things and become DISAPPOINTED afterwards or there are complications, that would be from the Moon Wobble.)

Things TO DO During a MOON WOBBLE,

by Farley Malorrus

1. Clean the House, Winterize your home, car, boat, truck or RV.

2. Clean up my Rig (Motor Home)(Or 5th wheel), maintain and service appliances, engine, interior decoration, rug shampoo, bathroom doorknob. Service appliances, electrical, plumbing, and sewage systems in the home.

3. Service Auto, in the shop tomorrow, for Lube, Oil, and filter.

4. Finish projects, To Do lists, and all deals, plans, contracts, and agreements made before the Moon Wobble started.

5. Clean bird cage, pet areas, Veteranian visits, shots, medical treatment for pets, livestock, add food, water, grit.

6. Buy clothes for winter, and spring.

7. Grocery shopping.

8. Get a health check up, and follow up on medical treatment. Try to wait until after 12/22/06 for major surgery or COSMETIC SURGERY to avoid complications and disappointments.

9. Go to the dentist, get teeth fixed, cavities removed.

10. Eat right, get enough sleep, meditate.

11. Take vitamins, minerals, and herbs including plenty of acidophilous (The basic ingredient for yogurt and kiefer) for great digestion. Drink 8 glasses of water a day, as usual.

12. (Don't make any major purchases, like car, house, boat, new business, computer, or technology)

13. Travel planning is great here, plan trips, purchase tickets, plan routes. Go on trips. (I prefer not to plan an Ocean Cruise at this time) Road trips are preferred, or trains.

14. Give to good will clothes you don't need or things you don't need or use. (Great time to sell things on craigslist or eBay!)

15. Buy gifts for others for the holidays. Decorate trees, Put up X-mas lights.

16. Buy Tax Free Insured California Municipal Bonds, (Insured so shouldn't be a problem)

17. Open any kind of Insured Savings account, CD, or money market.

18. Get your hair done, or cut, even a permanent.

19. Get your nails or feet done, manicure or pedicure.

20. Get a massage, body work, or self improvement; learn to meditate.

21. Have fun and increase the entertainment and relaxation therapy in your life.

22. Make love, make out, romance, past due honeymoons, relive the honey moon, fall in love (as long as it's mutual).

23. If you adopt a pet during this time, there is a much greater possibility you have problems with your pet, or that you may be disappointed in it.

24. End a WAR. Pull out the TROOPS! No problem!

25. Make donations, help the homeless, do taxes, pay taxes, adhere to civil responsibilities, pay attention to legal matters, accounting, bookeeping, traffic tickets or fines, and income taxes.

Hope that helps! Happy Holidays!

Farley Malorrus,

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24. End a WAR. Pull out the TROOPS! No problem!

24. End a WAR. Pull out the TROOPS! No problem!

24. End a WAR. Pull out the TROOPS! No problem!