Monday, November 13, 2006

ASTROLOGY AND SEX By Farley Malorrus

Through my many varied and experimental times in my life learning about love and romance, I have digested a great deal in order to understand people sexually through Astrology.

The Hottest signs in Bed:

Aries-Can Make up their mind quick and stay the course for long periods of romanticizing and passion, bordering on sex addiction. They tend to have high energy for sex and if they are in shape will stay the course no matter how long.

Taurus-Lives and loves physical contact, kissing, touching, aggressive passion, and durability with the right partner. Tends to dominate or try to control someone in bed. They are said to be the most sensuous of all the signs, and maybe the most passionate. They overall love sex.

Gemini-Open minded to just about anything sexually, in fact the most kinky of all the signs, and the most to experiment with bi sexual and homo sexual tendency. Next to Pisces, the Gemini may be the easiest and most open minded to get into bed. They must watch being too promiscuous.

Leo-A bit oversexed, and sometimes too much sex on the mind or the brain. Leos either want you or don't and if they want you, you best be ready to perform as it can last for hours. They love the fore play, hugging, kissing, and passion, as it intoxicates them. When in Love, Sex is much better for all signs, but especially for Leo (My Sign). They tend to wear their 'horny,' on a sleeve. When you finally have sex with a Leo, they will start to think and talk about other things. Best to get it done then move on!

Libra-Tend to use sex as manipulation and to 'get what they want,' and experiments with sex more than any of the other signs. Their shapes and faces are so sexy, that most of the other signs go for them, so they tend to have a big choice of lovers. They need to watch out for promiscuity also.

Scorpio-This sign rules sex, and these folks tend to be the ones who might over do it. Are most nymphomaniacs Scorpio? I would say yes, or that they have pronounced Scorpio in their charts. These folks write the book on sex, and if you want to learn about sex, go to bed with a Scorpio (Or Scorpio Moon or Rising)

The Warmest Signs In Bed

Sagittarius-A little bit picky, somewhat selective, and not as commitment oriented, but if they like you, they should perform well, and if they have some Scorpio or water in their chart it might help. This sign as well as Scorpio, Virgo, and Cancer, can easily be celibate. Because they sometimes don't stick around long, they would be #3 in Promiscuity next to Gemini and Libra.

Capricorn-The trick here is to keep them sober enough to finish the sex act! Kidding? Maybe, but I find Capricorn to be the most lusty and very easy going if they like you as far as getting into bed. This sign is usually a good, honorable, honest, trusting mate. I'm not sure why, but I like that.

Pisces-Frankly, these guys are known as the 'push overs' of the Zodiac when it comes to love and sex, as they arein love with the idea, and tend to trance out when you start kissing them, so you can do just about whatever you want! They would rank #4 in potential promiscuity. I think the Pisces are great in bed, if they wouldn't go into another dimension during sex!

The Potentially Cold signs

(No offense, and this would not hold true for ALL Of them, just some of them)

Cancer, (Is it because I was married to one, maybe) tends to be very moody and when it comes to sex, they need to be in a mood. They are the most "romantic" of all the 12 signs, no question, that they like the cuddling and kissing, but for raw passion, the mood needs to be perfect. They are very much into being nurtured in bed, and nurturing back. THey are another one who trances out.

Virgo, These folks tend to analyze love, sex, and relationships too much. I find them always in their head and not enough in their gut or groin. Virgo also rules conservative values, and the Virgin, (not by accident I may add), and morals. If they do go berserk sexually, it is usually an explosion of expression and experimentation. Often confused sexually, next to Gemini they tend to experiment more with bi sexual and homo sexual tendencies. Think less, just enjoy!

Aquarius, There is no question in my mind that the Aquarius is the most sexy of ALL SIGNS, and by far the Best in Bed of all signs. The problem is finding them in the mood. They are a stubborn group and prefer mental contact sometimes over the physical. IF you are with an Aquarius and your sex life is by appointment, or when 'they are in the mood,' (forget about you!), then you will understand. There are exceptions to every rule, but I've been with quite a few Aquarian women and they all seem the same; the best in bed, but only when in the mood, which could be once a week or every 10 days.

Ok, there will be exceptions to every rule. I am speaking here generally my own personal analysis of the attributes sexually of all twelve signs. FRANKLY, IF You have WATER in you chart, like Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer; you will naturally be more romantic, more passionate, and have greater sexual needs. The less water, the less need for sex. That is the basic rule. SO no matter what your sun sign is, if you chart is filled with "Hot signs," you will usually be hot in bed, and if you chart is filled with Cold Signs, (Say you are Cancer Sun, with Aquarius Moon, and Virgo Rising), you may not even like, want, or needsex!

Hope you liked that topic, as I enjoy figuring people out!

Farley Malorrus,

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