Thursday, November 30, 2006

Don't Get Upset during the Moon Wobble! By Farley Malorrus

Moon Wobble not even in Peak, What do you think?

Now, I've had 3 appointments broken tonight, 2 didn't even call. You know, I know some people who proved for themselves that Astrology worked and was valid tracking the Moon Wobble. Help me out here, but am I the only one experiencing setbacks? I mean the Moon Wobble is only less than a week in, and won't peak for 17 days or so, and this is just the beginning.

So, just checking in, with setbacks, disappointments, and misfires during this unstable period. Not sure you want to make a peace during this period, as it probably would not work! More later.....

Don't get upset when things don't work out as they should up until December 20, 2006. So far, I spent all morning getting EVERYTHING off the floor of my rig, 4 hours work, for a carpet shampoo. Moon Wobble! He cancelled at 2:30pm, a last minute change, which is typical Moon Wobble crap. So, I wasn't upset, as I understand how these things work after 20 years of studying it. He offered to move some of my heavy stuff out of the motor home into my SUV, I agreed. We reschedule for Saturday AM but I won't be surprised if that is also cancelled. I also got a bill from my doctor for $275 for a full physical. I didn't get a full physical, I got a check up for a sinus infection which is $90. Moon Wobble!!! Moon Wobble! Moon Wobble! Nothing goes as you expect or as it seems during this time when the Sun is at odds with the Moons Nodes as it is now until December 20! Once again you will get about a 10% success rate during most of these situations, but lots of changes, last minute changes, setbacks, cancellations, over billings, over charges, and disappointments when the Sun is at odds with the Moons Nodes. Please add any comments to this post if you are experiencing any setbacks, as I'd be curious if you were! Continued success, and one more thing, IF ALL YOUR GIFTS you buy now are returned, or a Lot of them are, it would be the Wobble effect, and imagine, Nintendo released the Wii, and Sony released the Playstation 3 right as the wobble started, but everyone is buying them NOW during this phenomenon. Just letting you know how it affects me, and I'm not surprised at this point.
NEWS FLASH: I am negotiating at this time to get a 1 hour segment on XZONE radio with Rob McConnell twice a month, and will advise you soon as to when the next time you can hear me on his show!Keep posted to this journal of further information, and thanks to Rob for wanting to add me to his repertoire!

Farley Malorrus,

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