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Astrology And the MOON WOBBLE 11/22 to 12/20 makes CHOICES "SHAKY" for 28 Farley Malorrus

Astrological Moon Wobble By Farley Malorrus

This topic is intense, and you may have to read it over a few times for it to sink in.

Hello to my loyal readers and friends of my journal, and thanks for visiting! I hoped you are surviving these outrageous Scorpio Transits, and if you are not, I feel for you. SO far, My eldest little pet bird died, my Dad (91) not feeling so great, I got a terrible sinus infection, (Much better now thanks), and my computers are all freaking out. Other than that life is good. I always say one thing, if you are not in a happy sex life during Scorpio transits, "Duck!"

Now, with Sun, Mercury, Venus, and soon Jupiter going into Sagittarius in the next week or so, we also have an Astrological phenomena I have been studying with my brain trust for over 20 years coming, called the MOON WOBBLE. The Moon Wobble happens 4 times a year for 28 days each time.
Simply put, a Moon Wobble occurs when the North Node of the Moon is at odds with the Sun, or eclipses the Sun. This happens when the Sun is either at a right angle to this Node, exactly opposite, or right on TOP of the North node, eclipsing it, called a conjunction.

Okay, this phenomena is HUGE, and it last 28 days. It lasts 21 days on approach of exact geometrical aspect, and 7 days passing. With the North Node in Pisces at approximately 21 degrees at this time, the EXACT right angle from the Sun in Sagittarius to the North Node of the Moon in Pisces will occur on December 13, and end December 20. The Moon Wobble begins 21 days before the 13th, on November 22, 2006.

You are asking me, why is this Moon Wobble so important Farley? Through 20 years of research and development amongst myself and about 12 of my genius Astrology friends we have found up to a 90 Percent rate of Failure and disappointment when MAJOR DECISIONS and LIFE CHOICES are made anytime during this time. I know it sounds ridiculous, and trust me, that when I first heard about this many years ago while on Los Angeles radio in 1984, I had my doubts. Since then, I have clocked every single Moon Wobble for myself, friends, Presidents choices, choices of sports teams, marriages, new relationships, new businesses, and you name it; Amazingly, I have found there to be a much higher rate of success when you CHOOSE important things when there is NO MOON WOBBLE. But when you make major decisions during a Moon Wobble (like buying stocks, a house, getting married, or meeting someone), there is a 90% rate of disappointment. (Please note there is a 10% rate of success, so it is not hopeless, and I have tried time and again to beat the Wobble, and have succeeded a few times) I have a friend I went to college with (University of Missouri, and Central Methodist University) back when he and I were roommates. He is a stock broker, and he insists on being notified when the Wobble hits, so he can short some of his stocks and not buy big, because he has witnessed literally millions and millions of dollars being lost by his clients when they buy big during the Moon Wobble, and because I have warned him 100's of times over the years, he is a believer. Something that I heard, (Not confirmed for Viet Nam), was that we started  the Viet Nam War, the invasion of Afghanistan to capture Bin Laden, and the Iraq War all during Moon Wobble. IN fact, I remember trying to contact someone who knew the President to tell him to wait. They did not wait, and attacked Iraq during the Moon Wobble peak. I'm not saying that is the reason why we have not captured Bin Laden yet, or why it's so hard to pull out of Iraq (Or Viet Nam for that matter), but I don't believe it helped. I for one, try hard to make all my major choices before and after the WOBBLE, and finish projects, encourage completion, and do my research and development during the Moon Wobble. This topic, sounds like something you should copy and paste print out, also to forward to friends who may be interested in this phenomena. As always feel free to include my topic in your journal with a link back to my journal, and web site.

I'm hoping that this is some new information that many of you needed to know about Astrologically speaking. I am also hoping that if it seemed confusing to you, to take your time, and read it over again slowly. Astrology as a science has always been studied and appreciated by very intelligent people. Those who do not understand or respect Astrology, that is their problem, and I bear them no malice for not believing in it (free country), however, I find it to be very accurate, and I pass on such things for information to those who want it.

I have made money in Real Estate using the Moon Wobble, in Municipal Bonds, and I have formed successful partnerships using this formula. I have also noticed that I have been terribly disappointed (Disappointment being the KEY word for Moon Wobble) when making vital decisions, meeting new people, women, starting projects, businesses, or ventures, even vacations planned during the 28 day cycle of Moon Wobble.

So, once again get ready for the 28 day run where emotions run wild (From the Moon), and Purpose is questioned, (from the Sun) The good news, is that Christmas is after 12/20, so at least this year we will not have the holidays during the Wobble.

Happy Thanksgiving to you ALL, coming up! Don't forget to DUCK!

Farley Malorrus,

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Anonymous said...

Oy. Moon wobble. I bin shuddering thru Scorpio , shimmying thru the new moon
and now a *wobble*. Say it ain't so, Joe. ;->)

What happens when Pluto nudges the Galactic Core in Dec? I'm almost afraid to know. ;->) . ( mebbe all the sophistic literalists will have a mystical experience? *that* would be nice ..;->)...would increase the vibe in the neighborhood

Peace outgoing