Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tears for Fears, MAD WORLD (Of course!) Have a great Holiday everyone. Your bud. Farley Malorrus

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Anonymous said...

Love this version...
This is one of the *modern secrets*....telling the story of the final moments of the Piscean many people are so busy trying to avoid the haunting feeling which is the poignant isolation that so many of us many people buy more junk, another car, eat more junk...all to avoid fully feeling ( and therby transforming) the effects of a world which would distance them from their dreams
of a meaningful life well lived (and) with time to love, breathe, linger and Be.
HANG ONTO your most cherished dreams , everybody! They will bring you to the antidote to this dying age and into the new world where we again become who we
desire to BE. The pangs of the world as we know it , changing shape , are BIRTH pains and never forget that bliss is a perceptual shift , only ! away !
There are many people today who are not enjoying the kind of Thanksgiving
that Madison Ave. would sell us....more Americans are living alone than at any other time. Those of you who feel alone? YOu are not! We are many together
and today I send out love to all who long for the day when they will again be surrounded by the joyful noise of their pack ! It will COME! To the FEELING TRIBE:
I am THANKFUL for you! I am Thankful for all who will FEEL ! The world will cange as a result of the FEELING TRIBE!