Friday, October 20, 2006


Many scholars and spiritualists believe that humans are born into this realm because they had a hunger that was beyond God. I firmly believe that the definition of Karma is any desire other than God or spirit. Frankly, the Earth realm is very tempting, like a hot fudge sunday, naked woman, bar of chocolate or a million dollars; coming to Earth is very tempting, and the main reason why so many seem to be 'trapped,' in this realm forever.

Whatever it is you want, you need, you desire, you take, you own, you marry, you love, you covet, or you create other than your need to love God and be in heaven, creates a debt in your soul. People ask me if being happily married with wife and kids is Karma, and my response is that it absolutely is Karma. It may be the labor of love to be married, have kids, and family, but it is a lot of work, a lot of pain, a lot of passion, and a huge debt to the souls involved.

The Astrology Chart (at birth) creates a natal 'burst' of energy that is frozen at birth, and that which charges every single molecule in the newborn babies body, as if a reflection of the state of the Universe at that very moment. This creates a magnatism that is unique for every one of us, that also designs the karma energies that will affect us and all of our relationships our entire life. Each person is like unto a 'magnet,' of unique proportion, and an Astrologer is able to interpret this 'magnetism,' and explain the karmic designs, or where the areas of greatest challenge and learning will occur in one's life.

It seems that the more we desire, the more we crave, the more we possess, the more we do, the more relationships we have, how we treat our own bodies defines the Karmic growth we experience during our entire lives. Just because you have a lot does not mean you will be happy, as often sometimes very wealthy people, including rock stars, boxers, and lotto winners, seem to suffer and fail more than normal due to the maintenance of the mountain of karma they create. I find that having more than you need in all ways is sometimes the easiest way to live, and dying with a focus of a love for God and nothing more, is the secret to escape the pull of Earth and it's temptations, break free of seemingly an eternal reincarnation cycle and rejoin God in heaven where the bliss that exists dwarfs anything you may desire or think you need on Earth.

It is said that the evils ones (The Dark Lord), designed the temptations (The Apple) on Earth eons ago to lure Angels and Humans to this planet and hold their souls hostage here with the false sense of happiness and satisfaction. The truth is that all the temptations of Earth are an illusion used to keep you here and force you to overcome your Karma (Desires and Needs), in order to embrace the true priority and Holy Sacrament of God and his kingdom. I feel that I have seen heaven and have gone there in my sleep, and that people live there very much like they do on Earth without the temptation, desire, greed, need for ownership, or possessions, and that in heaven they live in peace with God in a surreal experience with Love and Friendship as the only priority to God and each other.

It is hard to let go of your karma, and you don't have karma with anyone excpet yourself. People ask me, "Do I have Karma with that person," and my response is always that you have Karma with yourself and a debt to God. All Karma created in past lives (The reincarnation cycle as depicted by the Hindus and Buddhists, also referred to in the Kaballah), is the sum result of all the cravings and obsessions we have, the hunger, and the pull of such things pulling us back into a new babies body at death, instead of allowing us to go into the light and evolve back into heaven. In truth (further truth), Earth is a proving ground, and literally a prison for our souls, and the reason why our brain capacities are so limited is that we are not allowed by God to have total awareness of the cosmic plan due to the fact we left heaven initially to come to Earth in our curiosity and eventual demise. Like the original fallen Angel, (The Dark One), whose fall from heaven triggered a mass exodus of billions and billions of souls to follow after him, our own demise is quite similar to his abandonment of God, his search for something different or better, and his quest to have his own domain (Earth), as a place to trap souls seemingly forever away from God, and therefore have his followers.

To me, nothing is more important than God and Heaven, and it is my lifelong mission to teach all I know, all I have learned from my miracle with God/Jesus in 1976, and alert people on Earth as to the reincarnation cycle, the concept of Karma, and how to evolve your soul to escape this cycle and return to heaven.

It is quite a simple concept actually, love God, and be at peace. ALL other priorities rescinded, as seconday. Remember God in your daily life, pray to God, meditate on God, and prepare yourself for a heavenly experience; let go of Earth and all Earthly desires, hungers, cravings, and things you think you need, and embrace a heavenly purpose for your eternal existence beyond whatever it is your think you need besides God.

I hope this explains a lot to you, and as always, I'm not trying to tell you what to believe, but I am giving you food for thought, as you are always given the choice. Yes, I just channeled this topic, as the topics I often channel seem to be exactly what people need to read or think about. God Love you.

Farley Malorrus,

Have a great Weekend, and GO CARDINALS!! You can have interests and loves in life, but nothing is more important not nearly as important as love of GOD and God's love for us.

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Sugar! Thanks for posting in my blog and for your wonderful comment. Can't wait to see your blog, and please send me the link!
Eternal Love and blessings to you!!!
Farley Malorrus