Monday, October 23, 2006

Armageddon is Cancelled, Apocalypse Over, Peace ON Earth, Jesus returns..By Farley Malorrus

I never liked the way the World ended in the bible. So much genocide, so much death and dying, so much war, so much conflict. I thought to myself, don't they give us another option? In retrospect, I like to think the entire Apocalypse happened during World War I, and World War II. Lots of folks don't like me talking like this, because they act like they WANT an Armageddon. Well, I don't want anyone to die for any reason. In reflection of the two great wars, all inclusive you could easily fulfill bible prophecy almost totally, including the 2 nuclear weapons used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. To me the return of Christ would be obvious in the hearts and minds of those who survived the war and chose peace as an option.

I never enjoyed the fact that people will blindly follow such prophecies and even try to make them happen (World Leaders, Presidents), thinking that Jesus will miraculously appear, the Rapture will occur and we will be saved. What happens if he doesn't appear and save us, and the Rapture doesn't happen?
That is a gamble that I fear I don't wish to take. Sure, I accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah, the Son of God, and I'm ready to pray to him as such every single day, so I'm not fool. Still, I am thinking that symbolically, the Christ Consciousness, or return of Christ has been happening in great volumes in the hearts and minds of people all over the world since World War II, in the most frequency (See the Course In Miracles).

SO many religions throughout the ages always end in Apocalypse. The Norse Myths including Odin, Thor, Loki, and so many others was supposed to also end the World in a RAGNAROK, or Armageddon that also never really happened, and Odin did not appear with Thor to save the world either. Greek Mythology also depicts of a similar Apocalypse which never happened, along with Roman Mythology, and Egyptian Mythology. Even the Aztecs, and/or Mayans, have their calendar ending in 2012, so they expected the world to also end.

Do we all have to be so negative? Does the World always have to end with these religions? What about the Muslims and the Islam faith that believes in the all and powerful JIHAD that will end the World and save their followers to eternal peace in heaven. Sounds like every time someone is trying to sell religion to anyone, their has to be a price we pay (Armageddon, genocide), and if you don't believe, you die. You may die anyway, but if you don't believe, no question, you are dead.

In my opinion, it's all over and the Son's and Daughters of Light and Love have won. The philosophers, the sages, the wise one's, the blessed, the loving, the compassionate, the caring, the open minds, the one's who wield Christ Consciousness on a daily basis have won. Armageddon is over, cancelled done, and as long as we get rid of Nuclear Weapons, and pandemics, or bio chemical warfare, humanity can survive and it can be preserved without the threat of self extermination. The Age of Aquarius which lasts 2,000 years, is upon us, and along with that, our brain capacities are increasing, our spirituality is increasing, and slowly but surely the veil of truth shall rise, and the fear based intent of modern religion and even ancient myth shall evaporate. I'm bullish on humanity that we can embrace new kinds of leadership in the coming months and years and throw off the yoke of fear, gloom, and doom we have had as a species. I have to admit that all my life, As a Christian, I have waited for the Apocalypse and return of Jesus, and don't get me wrong, one day it may come along with worldwide disasters and war, but if we HAD A CHOICE, wouldn't we rather choose a peaceful, loving, path filled with light, hope, and love as an option for humanity instead of all this killing? I have talked to so many Christians who all believe, Jesus is back, some say he is in Europe, some say in California, some say Boston, and I do agree that Jesus is fully back, but in my opinion, he is back INSIDE US ALL. I'm not sure if you know what I'm talking about or where I'm coming from, but if you seek you shall find that the Lord lives inside all of us, in our hearts and minds, and all we need do is look for him to see him clearly.

I'm not trying to upset anyone, start a debate, or claim that I am right by any means. I am merely channeling this, offering food for thought, an option to disaster, war, pandemic, and genocide, and a quest for peace without half the world killing itself.
It works for me, so try to embrace the God inside you, and see if you have Christ Consciousness blooming inside you as a way to confirm what I say. Some of my Christian friends would be appalled that I would even suggest such a thing, but consider this, if Jesus did appear again on the World, don't you believe he would ONCE AGAIN be doubted, judged, sentenced and executed AGAIN as a heretic? I mean if hedidn't perform miracles of God, and do things to PROVE his Messianic ability, I firmly believe the human race would crucify him yet again. Let's face it, when he appeared the first time, his own people rejected and judged him, so you tell me? Most Christians expect Jesus to return in the form of a man or woman, descending from the heavens in a chariot of fire. Long ago, I embraced the fact that I am saved, and Jesus did appear to me, and that he expanded my consciousness so I could feel his love, and his presence as a part of my being, and all those who accept him in this way.
It's something to think about, don't you think?
I wish you all peace and love, and pray that you are happy and healthy in all that you desire.
God Bless.
Farley Malorrus,

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you , Farley. As far as I'm concerned we must never forget to regard the Bible with full presence; this means aknowledging that like all written works- it is a living thing inspired by the unique spark of God as expressed by its various contributors/authors. If we are open to the Bible fully ( or any other written work) we find that it responds to us individually and engages in private revelation , spilling wisdom into our lives in unique ways applicable to our unique situations or *needs*. In this way... I think that mankind often limits God in his literalism. The book of Rev., as example, strikes me as a prophetic cautionary tale- a potentiality.
I don't underestimate God or his ability to create a far better scenario within us or our history than we might ourselves imagine or , EDIT OUT.
I think Jesus in alive. I believe that Jesus is within the chambers of our hearts and as we avail ourselves of our ability to expand past our human matrix...Christ expands further within us and eventually way past our *rides* ( limited human form) into the world. I believe that this is happening - in this way and in other ways I believe that the resurrection is a living and vital thing. Christ was a radical priest. A passionate lover in beauty, truth, goodness, PEACE.  So many of the churches today would probably not invite him to their coffee hour ! We are all alive for a time such as this and I believe that faith , whether the more conservative faith found within organized religions or that held by those of us who have had close encounters of the Jesus kind , is increasingly morphing into somthing far more lively and dynamic than history has previously experienced. Why now? Because we are ready to receive , to see, in a new way.

Loved your thoughts on this Mr. Farley !
Peace to all who visit this place !