Friday, October 6, 2006


Hello to all. Let's hope we sail through this day with nothing catastrophic happening to anyone or to the World. Since Pearl Harbor when Mars passed through Aries, (The Planet of War in the sign of War, Aries,) I have always been suspect whenever anything has gone through Aries/Libra....My own chart is lit up today, as I have a stellium in Libra (Mars,Neptune,and Rising) and woke up with the typical Moon Opposed Mars Headache, not as migraine as usual but there. When aspects like this happen, I try to be extra cautious in what I do, how I walk, (Careful not to trip and fall), how I drive, and being very defensive in public as far as having my shield up. I have personally had utter havoc occur during these type of aspects. Break ups, falls, stitches, accidents, colds, other health problems are typical for this aspect.

So, we remain with the 4 signs being most affected by this, (in order), are Aries, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer with the crux of the transit going on the rest of today, (Friday), until Sundown, and at the same time, whenever such an opposition occurs, I also pray that something worldwide doesn't occur to present calamity, chaos, and destruction.

At this time, I offer prayer for all our troops and recommend that this is NOT the time to attempt an offensive. This is also not the day to get married, start a job, fall in love, create a business, form a business idea, break ground on a house, a building, or planning a trip. In the same token, this would be an excellent time to clean house, finish projects, patch up problems with loved ones, make a peace, PULL OUT OF IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN, and perhaps impeach a President who has No clue! It would also be a great time to PLAN TO GET ALL THE INCUMBENTS who are irresponsible in running this country OUT OF OFFICE! Ahem..Nuff said. 

Farley Malorrus,

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