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Astrology Explained: "It's Monday and I'm having a Saturn Return!" KARMA AND SATURN

Astrology Explained:
The Meaning Of Saturn in the Birth Chart..and the Law of Karma By Farley Malorrus

It's Monday and Saturn is at 25 Leo.....When I was born, Saturn was at 25 Leo....In your late 20's, in your late 50's and in your late 80's a phenomena occurs in Astrology we call a Saturn Return. It is when Saturn travels all around the 12 signs of the Zodiac and returns to the place it was when you were born. Saturn is the Lord of karma, obsession, what we desire most, and our biggest craving apart from God. My Saturn is in Leo in the 11th house. Now to understand my karma, biggest craving, and obsession we want to look at what Saturn means in the sign of LEO and in the 11th house. By the way, babies being born at this time are being born with MY KARMA, because we share the same Saturn.

Leo is family, father, creativity, organization, happiness, and strength. The 11th house is goals, friends, best friends, humanity, and sudden changes. All of these things had been vital to my life and something I had obsessed about until my priority in life became my relationship to God.

The last time I had a Saturn Return in my late 20's, my best friend in the World, Michael Alcana, died from injuries incurred when he flipped his Ford Maverick about 10 times in the rain on the freeway going up to UCSB. It was also at this time that my father had totally rejected me for someone else, a stranger, to run his business, and I felt I did not exist to him or in his life. I have always had karma with friends and father; and I can't count the times I have counted on someone being a best friend (including Dad) and they have either betrayed me, rejected me, dumped me for no reason, moved on with their life for no reason, or like Michael, just died. Friendship has been and always will be vital to my life, but at the same time it is my karma. My father (The Leo Part) is someone I have wanted to be best friends with my whole life (He is 91), and he has always chosen others to be ahead of me on his priority list. Whether it has been my brothers in law, or those that have chosen to run his company, or even someone who just knows him, 'from the business,' he has never given me the priority that I would cherish from him. He has been kind and generous to me, but not the close friend I would desire. At this time, he has chosen a young man in his 50's to be his 'cup of tea,' and confidant, once again over me. So, my whole life has been littered with this friendship/father karma. You know what else bites me? It has always been so important that I be close friends with my ex wife (while married), and/or any girlfriends that I have had, and it is not the fact that they betray the relationship as much as they betray my friendship with them, that bites me! (Ouch!)

Now, you may understand better why I chose Astrology and understanding concepts of Karma as my life career. I have learned that my priority is and always will be God. There is a very important reason for that, as in my research into Karma, as many of you know, "Karma is any thing your desire other than God." "Karma puts a weight on your soul that keeps your soul from going into the light, keeps you reincarnating,  and prevents your soul from going into the light when you die." The Love of God and your relationship to God bears no weight. "Karma is anything material or Earthly that is not of God. The soul is weightless when it enters this realm and it collects desires, obessions, and needs the whole life putting weight on the soul. This is the karma that keeps us alive so long, and prevents us from going into the light at death. The only way to go into the light at death is to release all your desires and obsessions, and embrace your love of God with all your heart. (In the Christian faith this would be accepting Jesus Christ as the Son of God)

I recently was rejected on Thanksgiving by a life long friend (36 years) whom I spent Thanksgiving with for many years, and for no reason decided he wanted to be alone. (That's Saturn Return Part I) My best bud and pet HARPY the African Green Singing Finch had died a few weeks ago (Part II), and he was around me for nearly 16 years. My Dad has recently taken on this young man as confidant and driver for him, (something I had considered doing) and did not even have Thanksgiving Dinner with my Mom or I, as he had to eat with this man instead of us (Part III)....So...I could be distraught and upset over all of this, and feel the pain of loss, rejection, or abandonment, as many do during these times, but then there is God.

My faith in God is so strong, so powerful, so loving, so connected, so dedicated that it is a vital, intensely intimate part of my life. I pray every day, when I go to sleep, acknowledge God's presence (Jesus), ongoing, every second of my life as a witness to my life, best friend, and accomplice in all I think about or do. This is my saving grace in every context as without my faith, I am sure I would wallow in the pain and loss of not having these 'friends' hang around, or having the close relationship I have always wanted to have with my dad. Instead, I bask in the glow of God's love and don't allow the other to have any bearing or 'weight,' on my soul. This is what my life has become, a circle of bliss, love, and happiness, and therefore I can 'sail' through this Saturn Cycle, unlike when I was in my 20's when Michael Alcana died, that affected me for 5 years later in grief.

I know there is more to come, as people tend to die during this Saturn cycle, as my Saturn is in stress to a Scorpio Moon in my chart and therefore the death element comes in to picture, but I am strong, and my relationship with God once again is the way I overcome my karma, and deal with such things.

One of my closest friends in the World, Martha, lost her dog "Cali," today and I felt the pain. To me, losing a pet is like losing a child, and I related to the fact that Cali died from a tick related lyme type disease that took her in 24 hours, but I know she is released from the pain and with God in Heaven, so that she is happy. I am sorry for the loss of our friend Cali, but once again I revert back to my deep faith and connection to the almighty as the driving force in my life and by far the priority I must embrace over all things Earthly and all people. The goal is to be Bodhisattva, or "Karma free;" to be free of all attachments material or Earthly and to have one priority of the Spirit, that which is God.

One final comment as love, relationships, marriage, sex, and children all have a weight on our soul as we all know, sometimes the heaviest of burdens. Even though this love, connection, relationship and passion seem so important to us, as it is Earthly, it is all part of the Karmic circle we must overcome to go into the light. As important all of that is to all of us, or most of us, it is most important to be able to 'let it all go,' at death or when dying, and embrace that which is certainly eternal, God's Love.

Enjoy the week and may God's blessings shine upon you.

Farley Malorrus,

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