Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fred Malorrus Born 7/1/15, died 6/13/2007

Fred Malorrus with Family, Farley, Scott, and Bea, 1971 California

Fred Malorrus

Born 7/1/1915

Passed 06/13/2007

8:30pm, PDT

Thank you all for your support and sympathy. My Father Fred passed peacefully tonight...and now is with God.

I and my family are relieved he did not suffer, and that he went into the light.

Please do not offer me sympathy but rejoice in the ascension of my Father's Spirit. He will be buried on Father's Day which is perfect.

My father was an ICON in so many ways, but he is my best friend and role model. He is the best father any man could ever want.

Bless you all for reading my journal.
Life is good, but life is just a dream, when it's all said and done..
Farley Malorrus

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Anonymous said...

I love ya Farls!  And a HUGE "here's one for Fred" toast, applause, moment of silence and love vibe for his next journey!  MAy he always work his BEST thru YOU!