Thursday, June 7, 2007

Moon Wobble Ends Friday, Thank God...By Farley Malorrus

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The Moon Wobble will end on Friday, ending one of the toughest 28 day cycles I can remember. AS Presidential Candidates supported by Corporate America Slug it out, where is the real Democracy gone? There used to be a time when candidates represented people, not business. Things change along with the World. The corporations buy our votes with huge donations, then own the candidates with secret deposits in Swiss Bank accounts, and we wonder why there is no justice or freedom left. What is funny, is that people actually think they have a choice when it comes to voting, but in truth the Corporations who 'own' America 'buy' the candidates with donations and secret gifts, leaving us with no real representation in a World gone mad. I saw one candidate, Chris Dodd I believe who said the 1st thing he would do would be to 'restore constitutional rights,' if elected President. That was the first REAL COMMENT I heard besides Dennis Kucinich who doesn't seem to be interested in corporations or their impact.

Sadly, as we end the current wobble, Americans have little choice save the candidates that are owned and promoted by vested interests in this country. You can hardly be put before the American people, unless you have millions in your coffer to do it.

We need a new way to elect a President, maybe Internet voting only, and no advertising or donations, period.

Also, candidates need to be made accountable for how much money corporations give them to 'own' them.

A black Hawk Helicopter costs millions and millions to make, so maybe like the Viet Nam War this most unpopular Iraq War may again be about helicopters.

So sad, that the leadership in this country, can't tweak the Presidency, (or impeach Bush/Cheney) for misappropriation of funds, lives, and freedom.

Well, I'm almost in Los Angeles to visit my sick dad, Fred, and your prayers are appreciated.
Maybe things will get betterafter Friday.
Farley Malorrus,



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