Sunday, August 12, 2007

You never get older, you only get Wiser, or Dumber By Farley Malorrus

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You never Get Older, You only get wiser, or dumber..
By Farley Malorrus

Finishing up my 2nd Saturn Cycle, headed into another Moon Wobble this week, and having my 1st birthday without my dear old Dad, Fred, I've come to the conclusion that Time, Space, and Matter do definitely NOT EXIST. It's all illusion. What is true and what does exist is Love, dreams, God, Oneness, and consciousness.

As we wander down this path to unknown territories in life, like being a lead character in yet another episode of the Twilight Zone, one thing is certain, that you never know what to expect, and nothing ever happens the way you think it will. If your power of visualization is strong enough, perhaps the power of your mind can shape this surreal experience so that you can enjoy most of it, and at least buckle up for the  ride. If you are too rigid, negative, defeatist, or stubborn, then you best have some good health insurance, and pray the doctors won't sedate you into a coma, as they did my dear old dad.....who was complaining of a catheter hurting him so they gave him 3 doses of morphine which put him in a coma, he never came out of.

Oh, well, what can you say about doctors and hospitals? They are human and can make mistakes, and I assume when patients irritate them with their pain it's easy to just sedate them to keep them quiet.
My take is I'd rather die at home then in front of a bunch of people who pretend to care about me, but really couldn't care less, especially if you are old and frail. I learned a few things the last few months and that is that health care in America is quite expensive, insurance or not, and America is ranked about 31st in total quality of care. It says a lot when ALL of the nurses are from overseas, and few of them actually born here.

This Saturn stuff is nothing to shake a stick at, as when you are turning 27, 57, or 97, (when your Saturn Return hits), you best fasten your seats belts as even if you are sitting quietly by a lake as I was in February to June, that besides my molar root canal, it all hit the fan when dad popped into emergency, then died 2 weeks later in a coma.

Being an Astrologer has it's benefits as you can see the karma before it hits you and try to warn those who seek counsel. It's not an accident that as calm and serene as anyone tries to make their lives that it remains a test and a challenge, hence the trials that pop up out of no where even though you do everything you can to avoid them.  I figure if you ever do have a chance to relax and 'smell the roses,' or watch the lake, as I did, to DO IT, as when things do hit the fan, it helps that you come from a calm relaxed place and not go from chaos to chaos. I prefer to go from calm to chaos, because in that case, at least I would be relaxed when all hell broke loose.

I know not what the future holds but for now I remain in Southern California and my little house in South Carolina remains empty. In the meantime I need to stay close to what family I have left and pick up the pieces, as I can always go back to SC if necessary. On the same token, I notice so many people my age, some 56, 57, 58, 59, and 60 who have entered a chaotic period. (a few died, Rick Fitzgerald, and Phil Sosnoff, dropping dead from heart ailments; Saturn in Leo/Leo rules the heart, and if your heart is bad, it could kill you) For others, who have taken better care of themselves, eaten better, exercised, and were able to have some calm in their life to reduce blood pressure and stress, they can sail through this period without much mishap, as the strength and wisdom they gained in earlier years pays dividends when you need to stand and deliver. If you know anyone who is pre 30; (It cracks me up how athletes going through Saturn cycles often have havoc of all kinds, including injuries, salary disputes, trades to new teams, and slumps and they don't even know why?) or anyone who is pre 60, or 90, then you will know they are having THEIR Saturn returns that last 2.5 years, and until it is finished, it changes you for sure to be wiser or dumber, depending how they handle it, or dead if they are not healthy. The good news is the pressure is soon off LEOS, SCORPIOS, TAURUS, and AQUARIUS who have been besieged by the cycle of Saturn in Leo the last 2.5 years, and now Saturn heads for VIRGO this month, testing all VIRGO'S, SAGITTARIUS, PISCES, and GEMINI for 2.5 years, including all of those in their Saturn cycle. It's been a ride, and as always I'm wiser and better for getting through it. Good luck if you are in it, or about to enter it.

Have a nice week....
Always yours, Farley Malorrus

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