Sunday, March 9, 2008

Farley Malorrus Dancing to Super Tramp Recent

"Men, our leader, Rommel, is dead, at Hitlers hand. The truth will spread through the camp as it has like lightning. As a Prussian, like the Field Marshall, this does not bode well for us. My choice to you is grim and deadly.........................Do we continue to fight for the madman, or do we try to defect to an angry, bitter, vindictive allied army, which would hardly trust us. The choice may be a loss in any event, but it is my belief we defect, what say thee?" (Pregnant pause with seething anger abound) Von STrapt: DEFECT Hager: DEFECT BRAUNSER: DEFECT HAUSER: DEFECT MEIRHAUSEN: DEFECT VAN BOREN: DEFECTLoudly) So, the deepest Core of the German Army, of the proud Vehrmacht,the 'Special Forces and Veterans,' the men responsible for at one time winning the War for the Axis, decide in unison to defect and surrender, and decide to present it to the men, awaiting any rebuttals.... The minutes stretched into hours, and the hours to dawn, when word let out that 5 men, supposedly SS operatives sabotaged the ammo dump and fled before dawn. The sabotage was stopped, but the word was out, that ROMMEL'S 5TH PANZER WAS PLANNING TO DEFECT AS A BLOCK of 10,000 men, 35 Panzer and Tiger Tanks, 20 half Tracks, 15 Artillery, and 15 Trucks...The order was given to break camp, load weapons, and place a blue ribbon on your uniform in case we run into unfriendly German Troops on our now quest to reach the American lines through 5 SS Panzer Divisions in front of us.....The Sun rose, the air was wet, the fog came in, and the Battalion started down the road to Stuttgart, and confront what was ahead.....Copyright, Farley Malorrus 2007, 2008. All Rights Reserved.

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Farley Malorrus Dancing to SuperTramp
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