Wednesday, July 7, 2010


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I'm Farley Malorrus, World Famous for Earthquake Predictions using Astrology. THE SWARM of CALIFORNIA Earthquakes occurring this year in 2010 is NO MISTAKE. Just the beginning in fact of much bigger, longer, and more intense quakes going into 2011. THE PLANET URANUS and the PLANET SATURN are OPPOSITE EACH other in the Universe right now, for a while and this creates HAVOC with Earth plates and shelves. Especially the 'ring of fire,' where California is hitched. Sadly, I was able to accurately predict the KOBE and Northridge quakes both within 24 hours. AT THis time, all I can say is "it's Earthquake Season" in Calfifornia and anything goes. I'm hoping a major city like Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco won't be damaged by these quakes but anything is possible. Earthquake insurance is a lotto, actually with only the losers at the epicenter being covered. IT's a huge state, and the Earthquake insurance folks make a ton of money on paranoia.
What I would do is be aware that the Quake season is here; don't be caught off guard; don't be shocked, and look for the BIG ONE, as perhaps 7.1 is not being too pessimistic as to what we could expect.
BLess us all.

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