Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Saturn Opposite Neptune could spell Doom for Real Estate and the American Economy (The World Economy?)

By Farley Malorrus,

With Saturn firmly in Leo at 18 degrees, exactly opposite Neptune at 21 degrees (approx) Aquarius, it is indeed a sad time for the Real Estate Boom. With foreclosures sky rocketing, unemployment doing the same, credit card debt at an all time high, and Fanny Mae in debt in the trillions, my advice here is HOLD ON TO SOME MONEY, because the time will come where you can buy some tidy Real Estate either dirt cheap, or at an auction.
Unfortunately, the Real Estate game has become like a Pyramid scheme, where those that got in at the bottom and then escaped at the top made some HUGE DOLLARS. What about all those who bought in at the end? Sadly, they are losing lots of equity, and as interest rates go up, they are unable to pay their mortgages, and many losing their jobs.

This is the sort of crazy thing that happens to structure, (Saturn being Lord of Capricorn, an Earth Sign is structure), when two HUGE PLANETS are opposite each other for so long. Neptune is the planet of speculation, gambling, dreaming, risk taking, and with it almost exactly opposite Saturn, this would not be a great time to speculate.

What kind of people buy into high priced Real Estate at a time like this? Well, they are either so rich they don't care, or they are a super star or sports hero, they don't care, and of course they may be crazy.

For me, watching this take place is exciting, because I saw it coming when BUSH won his 2nd term. That is why I sold my condo and RAN like a bandit. Now, I'm just waiting for the market to tank out, and I believe that prices of homes, new and foreclosed will plummet by years end, maybe during the summer, and then there will be some real bargains. My prediction of the stock market crash happened, somewhat, and I called April 16, as the end of the worry period, but frankly, with this Saturn Neptune thing going on, nothing is guaranteed. The fact is, the American economy is in some serious trouble, and while George W. Bush and his cronies are focused on taking all our money overseas, we may see a depression hit this country that will make the GREAT DEPRESSION seem like a small glitch.

If you are like most people, you are living paycheck to paycheck, so with credit card debt, bills, loans, and a shortage of savings, you know too well what could happen if you lost your job. So many people in the construction industry, and the auto industry have done just that. The War Machine of course is booming, and jobs making choppers, guns, ammo, and tanks is booming, but not everyone works in the War Machine.

So, I'm not sure what the answer is, as Saturn and Neptune will be at odds with each other for a few months yet, maybe 120 days or so, until we figure out what direction our country is headed economically. In the same token, I am holding my breath to see if Real Estate plummets, so I can buy back in at a lower level, and work my way up again.

Should you buy real estate now as the market is? There are bargains in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, South Carolina, and all over the South, so I'm not worried about there. What I'm worried about is big city markets where the real estate is priced so high it could gag you. I would not advise spending big bucks on property now until the adjustment I predict is over...which may be by 2008.

As far as the rest of the economy is concerned, real cash, insured savings, gold, silver, diamonds, and staples are where you should have your money in my opinion, but I'm not responsible for your choices of course; as I am speculating with these two planets.
That's my take today on the Saturn/Neptune issue. Another thing being, that the War isn't what it seems, as Neptune (and governments) cloud the real issues and hide the truth from the general public as to WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON, and I feel it's not about Democracy or Peace. It's all about MONEY.

Farley Malorrus,

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